Sunday, July 12, 2020



"Why is it I always get my best ideas while shaving?" ~Albert Einstein

Oprah is famous for determining her intentions before embarking on any new endeavor. She derived this notion from studying Gary Zukav's work in which he advises that we, as small vessels, line up with our "mother ships" or our inner-beings before doing anything. That way, we will always be lead on the truest course.  

It is my intention to thank everyone whose life I've touched before I leave this life. I have a very long life ahead of me; it has become apparent since my diagnosis that I have a very long list of people to thank. 

I have not blogged in some time because I have been quietly taking notes on whom to thank in my thank you notes. See what I did there? Ha! That kind of cheesy word-play reminds me of my sister, Lindsay Sommers. Some may joke that I have been keeping tabs on Lindsay since 1985, the second she was born. I like to think I've been keeping notes. I have so many notes stored up for Lindsay and I cannot adequately thank her in one simple blog post. So for today, as I continue to come up with ideas for more blog posts, as I reach my one and only goal in life--to get good at giving--I will simply thank Lindsay for the new razor she gifted me the other day. 

I wrote this poem years ago, but in honor of my new razor, I dedicate it to my sister, Lindsay: 

Suggestions for Skin 

Do not tattoo your ignored skin

That you must contort to read 

Or consort with the ever-lying mirror.

Tattoo the tiles of your shower. 

Clean the grout and your spine

And read the lines of philosophers 

Who stuttered your feet with fresh thought.

Streaks of soap scum may erase an 'E'

But a shower is more lasting

Than a human or a dog in a bath.

The words, the ink, will imprint the steam

And your day as you shave the stubble

From your last attempt... 


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