You Might Not Know It, but I'm a Poet!

You Might Not Know It, but I'm a Poet! 

I have been writing poetry all of my life. I find that if I go too long without writing, I get really bummed out. So I write a lot to keep sane; however, I of course, always want to get published. I submit poetry often, and I plan to possibly self-publish a book of poetry at some point. Proceeds from that forthcoming work will go to benefit colorectal cancer research! Stay tuned for sample of my work and information about my hopefully published work!

from Bulbs of Light and Earth

Bulbs of Light and Earth

Bulbs of light and earth
Dusty, dirty as they're screwed and buried
The nearing spider
The pressure of footprints, crushing the ground above
Yearning for a party
The depths of moisture to seep upward
And then...a switch, a spring
Currents and photosynthesis
And abundant brilliance 
We stand shocked at the swans
"Such ugly ducklings" the envious ego whispers
We are but bulbs...waiting in our ignorance
Of our own beauty. 

It's Time to Drink Orange Juice 

It's time to drink orange juice!
I don't why this is the right time, but it is.
As sure as the tiled floors meet at right angles
I will drink from this colored mason jar or maybe right 
from the carton. 
Regardless, my will only extends as far as the vehicle. 
Because in hindsight it'll interlock as obvious as the crests of the waves
And the pothole between here and being late for an appointment...
With the boss.
And boy! I will be glad that I listened to the craving for that citrus.
As if I could hold my hands over those ears. Ha!
We can pretend for a minute that it's time for something else.
But you know, and I know
That it's simply time to drink orange juice. 

This Gulp of Life 

Take the water bottle off of my nightstand and place it in my car
So that I can find it tomorrow and sip at tonight

And then

Take the coffee from my car and bring it to my office 
So I can remember the sunrise above my commute

And then

Take the hiccup from my soda to my husband 
So he can appreciate my childish ways even after a serious day's work

And then

Take the wine to my sheets so I can know that I kissed this gulp of life.

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  1. Love it!!!! Bulbs of Light and Earth is beautiful. Can't wait to read more of your poems.



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